Our Residence

at  few kilometres of Jeanne d'Arc's birthplace, the Residence, built in the XVIIIth century, is still filled of its original charm.

it  is a life place, full of serenity and a lot of personality, where you can have a step or a long stay. 

meet yourselves around a good fire to talk in the lounge, choose a book in the library or cross the divers magazines.

let you seduce by the discreet charm and the sophistication of this former house.

everything here invites you in idleness and sweetness : the house, its court or its 3000m2 wall-closed green spaces.

comfort, old-stones, charm and wealthy discoveries in a 20 kilometers radius will delight you.

Our Residence

Geneviève et Philippe CHARETTE
47, Grand Rue - 88630 Coussey
Tél : 09 80 32 62 01